Why You Should Be Wearing Linen

Fabrics cover, comfort, and protect us from a harsh world. Why not go for the best? Introducing: linen. Not just for your tablecloths or dinner napkins, linen has numerous health benefits that synthetic fabrics can’t provide. Hypoallergenic linen contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that repel pathogenic microflora and bacteria.

Life-giving Linen
Perfect for the intimate areas. Life-giving Linen’s Organic Linen Panties have been a game changer. This small, family-owned business is located in Kansas and dedicates their business to healthy and clean living with linen products. These comfortable undies have a breezy feel, perfect under jeans or sundresses, and leave me feeling dry even through workouts or walks with the dogs. Sweat and dirt, be gone!

For my bust, the KNIT linen T-shirt style Bra has been a soft base for hanging around the house. This bra has 3-ply knit linen in the front and 2-ply knit linen in the back, meaning no peak-a-boos from thin fabrics. This linen is layered so well that I sometimes throw on a little jacket and run in the park with it on. Fits like a dream, and is an investment piece for years to come.

When outside I need socks that won’t slip and slide and a hat to shield myself from the sun. Luckily, Life-giving Linen has both! 98% Linen Striped Crew Socks is a runner’s dream come true, and due to linen’s antibacterial properties, they leave behind no smell from sweat. I have my pair in a cute stripe print and crew sock cut for style (who doesn’t love stripes) and comfort (I need my ankles to be covered!).

100% Linen Sun Hat has been my go-to. I just plop it on my head and tighten the strings. It helps to repel sweat that often forms around my hairline and keeps me cool in the bright, beating sunshine. I can’t wait to wear it on a boating vacation, because it’s able to get wet then dry super quickly. Caribbean, here I come (with my linen)!

Linen Shirt Dress Julien
Of course, I have to include the classic linen dress, and MagicLinen offers a charming just-off-the-yacht dress! Linen Shirt Dress Julien is a handmade linen dress that is as light as a feather, soft as a cloud, and stands up to the elements of sweat, water, and sun. I love how MagicLinen focuses on only linen and puts their clothes through a modern stone-washing process, which softens the fabric without compromising the quality. I can wear their clothing assured that my skin is being held by their gorgeous fabric.

Wide linen pants BANFF
For a more out-and-about look, I put on the Wide Linen Pants BANFF. Think of strolls around the city in the blazing heat but you’re still cool, thanks to these pants. I’ve gone dancing in these pants too, and had a blast with how they move with my body. What else can I say besides: get them – maybe in both colors, too!