Why Your Closet Needs Mott & Bow’s Fall Collection

It’s official! The leaves are changing, and temps are dropping in New York City. While busting out some warmer outerwear, I realized that I lacked fall and winter necessities like good-quality pairs of jeans and long-sleeved shirts. Thankfully, Mott & Bow’s fall collection came to the rescue with the perfect transitional clothing to get anyone ready for the upcoming chilly months.


I’ve been a fan of Mott & Bow jeans for many months now. They flatter the figure, hold up throughout multiple washes, and they are just plain comfortable. I’ll find myself lounging in my Mott & Bow jeans for hours after arriving home from a busy day at work. It’s rare not to want to put on PJs immediately, but this denim is that comfy. I love knowing that I can add my HIGH RISE SKINNY JANE into the ol’ jeans rotation, providing me with infinite future outfit combinations. And knowing that the jeans work, whether I’m at the office or am out on the town, doesn’t hurt either.

Order your own HIGH RISE SKINNY JANE jeans online HERE.


Long-sleeved tees are a must as we move into these colder months. And Mott & Bow’s LONG SLEEVE CREW TEE MARCY is such a soft and warm stable to have in your closet. Needless to say, the shirt goes with any and all pant combinations, and especially some Mott & Bow jeans.

Order your own LONG SLEEVE CREW TEE MARCY online HERE.


I love my HIGH RISE SKINNY ORCHARD jeans so much that I just had to have another pair. These bad boys have quickly become my go-to jeans, and it occurred to me that it was safe to have a backup pair to wear when my originals are in the wash.

Order your own HIGH RISE SKINNY ORCHARD jeans online HERE.

Learn more at https://www.mottandbow.com/

Gemma Lolos

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