Women-Founded Spring Lingerie

Confidence starts from within, and for me, that means underwear. Hear me out… underwear alters the way our bodies feel. Go from wearing granny panties to something lacy, silky, and soft for an elevated look, and your confidence will soar. I’ve been wearing these pieces to give myself a moment of everyday glamour. Both woman-owned and founded, Clo Intimo and Love Libby XO has me feeling oh-so-pretty all day and night long.

Created by Claudia Ochoa, Clo Intimo is a brand that merges Colombian culture with NYC flair to manifest undergarments that leave you feeling incredibly sexy. A typical Tuesday morning can transcend to something truly enthralling when slipping into my Fortuna bra and cheeky panties. The body-hugging lace cups me in all the right places as I get ready for my day. The jade gem in the middle reminds me to honor myself, wearing lingerie even if I’m the only one who sees it. These pieces come in a rainbow of colors, though I have a pretty pink that leaves me blushing.

I love dressing up, even in my lounge clothes. Thankfully, the Encanto lounge set makes those dreams come alive. The pantie, top, and shorts have a snug-yet-breathable feel that allows me to move around without worrying about overheating. This set comes in an assortment of styles, and mine is a world map print in a warm caramel color. It reminds me of traveling and the trips I
have planned for this summer. The Encanto lounge set is a pure delight.

For my daily underwear, I’ve been sporting Love Libby XO. Founded in 2010 it was revamped by Kymberlie and Jamie in 2021, making it women founded and owned.

For more coverage, I’ve been loving the Ditsy Floral Bikini with Ruffles. Its cute tiny flowers scream spring and the ruffles add a flirty touch. I adore how soft they are and are easy to wear.

For my workouts the High-Waist Seamless Rib Thong is my BFF. The buttery soft fabric fits perfectly on my curves and moves with me as I hit the treadmill. A must-have in every woman’s collection.

I have undies that match the seasons, and the Floral Microfiber Bikini with Strap Sides is my favorite for spring. The bright floral print makes me smile every time I see it and boosts my confidence as I go about my day, knowing I have some pretty panties on. The bra strap sides give a bit of spice to these already adorable undies.

Love Libby XO offers affordable and adorable underwear for every occasion this spring.

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