Woodzee Sunglasses Mix Style and Sustainability

As the sunshine blazes down this summer, finding the perfect pair of sunglasses becomes less of a luxury and more of a survival necessity. We’ve all been there—staring into the abyss of sunglasses options, from the ridiculously expensive designer eyewear to the freebies that somehow ended up in the junk drawer next to old receipts and random batteries. This season, Woodzee’s unisex “Wilshire” Sunglasses have emerged as my top pick that I vow to not to get scratched and bent as the season goes on (will report back). 

The Wilshires are the epitome of chic and bold, with oversized frames that can elevate any summer outfit. Wear them to a wedding, wear them on a walk; they work. These comfortable and lightweight sunglasses are perfect for all-day wear. I’ve worn mine on long, active days spent outdoors and they didn’t cause any discomfort or pressure on my nose and ears. I can’t say the same for those aforementioned freebies that leave a line on my nose and make me look like Marv from Home Alone after his face gets smashed with an iron. Rather, these high-quality lenses (priced at $100) are easy to wear and provide a clear and crisp view without any distortion. This is crucial for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and need reliable, 400 UV eye protection.

But what makes Woodzee sunglasses stand out in a sea of endless options? The sustainability factor. The lenses are made from 48% recycled nylon and are housed in frames made of plant-based plastic. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, with a cotton canvas soft pouch and a folding hard case with a magnetic closure crafted from recycled paper. If I play my cards right, I might not even get these shades scratched at all. Did I just jinx myself? Probably.

About the Brand: Woodzee is the cool kid on the sustainable fashion block, offering trendy yet good-for-the-planet eyewear (and with a Recycle Program that ensures old sunglasses don’t end up in landfills). Designed in California, Woodzee’s products capture the essence of the Golden State—endless sunshine and eco-chic fashion. Check out other Woodzee favorites from the Beauty News NYC team!