Zac Posen SS 2013: Vintage-inspired Glamour for the Modern Woman


Photos courtesy Alyssa Greenberg Photography

Coca Rocha, Alyssa Greenberg Photography

Regardless of what you may have heard about the fight that broke out at the Zac Posen show (and no, Naomi Campbell was not involved) at least the breathtaking looks went off without a hitch.

Naomi Capmbell Backstage, Alyssa Greenberg Photography

Featuring top models like the aforementioned Naomi and the illustrious Angela Lindvall and Karolina Kurkova – luxurious, vintage-inspired looks reminded us that “sexy” could still fit in a tastefully modest yet striking category. Among the sweeping gowns that sensuously accented a woman’s curves (or would of had if the models had any to speak of) and flared silhouettes like a striking tulle bustier paired with wide-legged satin pants, were a number of Grace Kelly-esque numbers that will undoubtedly be gracing the red carpet this year.

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To accent the looks, lead make-up artist Kabuki, “…took inspiration from a black and white photo of Lena Horne taken in the 1960’s. The image captured her unique blend of strength and delicacy, echoing the play between structure and softness in the collection.” All MAC products brought the look to life, including products like Studio Sculpt Foundation and Sculpting Powder in Bone Beige to create a fresh face. Cream eyeliners defined the upper lash line in brown for fairer skinned complexions, and deep brown or black for the women of color of the show. Taupe pencil added definition to the lower lash line on the outer edges – and to achieve vintage-inspired charm false lashes #36 and #44 paired with mascara were applied at the outer wing. Cheeks were given a neutral blush color, and the lips were defined with a nude pencil and filled in with a satin finish nude lipstick that was blended to compliment each woman’s natural coloring.

Zac Posen Backstage, Alyssa Greenberg Photography

To perfect the glossy manes, colorist Harry Josh of John Frieda lightened or darkened the models hair based on their respective skin tones. The results were exquisite, and he did it all through John Frieda’s at-home Precision Foam Colour system. It’s nice to know that a high-end look and color can be achieved in the comfort of our own bathrooms for a mere $11.99. Come on, that’s not even the price of brunch.

Zac Posen SS 2013, Alyssa Greenberg Photography

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