These Cool Looking Fashions Do Double Duty

We all love cool looking winter fashions, and when they do more than just look good and keep us warm, it’s a bonus. These items will be welcomed additions to your wardrobe for a few reasons.

Wallaroo Hat and Bernardo Jacket

Bernardo Puffer Jacket and Coat

Not only do the Bernardo Love Full Circle Puffer Jacket and Puffer Coat keep you toasty warm, but they do double duty by helping to eliminate waste and creating more landfill. They’re completely sustainable. Yay for that! The outer shell is produced by recycled fabric fibers, and the puffy insulation is made from recycled plastic soda bottles. Details include a zip on/off hood, a zippered front closing, and pockets that snap shut to keep cell phones secure. They’re each as light as a feather, water resistant and super warm. The coat has side zippers on the bottom for ease of movement.

Available: Bernardo Jacket     Bernardo Coat

Wallaroo Hat

This 100% wool felt fedora from Wallaroo Hat is totally posh and will help keep you stylishly warm all winter. The classically chic  Aspen model has a hidden drawstring inside which makes it customizable for a perfect fit – even makes it tight enough not to blow off with a gust of wind. It’s easily packable and available in camel or black. It’s made with UPF 50+ fabric to keep the sun’s harmful rays off your beautiful face and protect your skin. Love that double duty!

Lily Trotters Compression Socks

Socks keep us warm, protect our feet from rubbing against our shoes, and of course, can look adorably cute.  Lily Trotters Compression socks do all those well.  But in addition, these compression socks support leg circulation and vein health, and are perfect for your workouts, running, airline travel, pregnant women, and for anyone that simply wants their legs energized and to not feel so heavy and tired.  They’re available for men and women, in a variety of colorful patterns, and made with graduated compression from ankle to knee.

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