11 Delightful Gift Ideas for Home This Holiday Season

From charcuterie boards in the kitchen to a sweet-smelling boudoir and everything in-between, we’ve curated the most distinctive, budget-friendly gifts to help you check everyone off your list.

Lynn & Liana Designs

You’ll take your cocktail party to the next level when you choose Lynn & Liana Designs. Founded by 27-year-old Melissa Funk, this stylish company offers handcrafted customizable boards and platters that also serve as gorgeous art in your home. Even if the food and spread is not on par, at least your board and platter will be!

Made with nine colors, no two boards are alike because Lynn & Liana use eco-friendly resin that produces spectacular designs that are exclusive to each creation. Jump on the charcuterie board bandwagon at https://lynnliana.com/

Doozy Dice

Looking for a family-friendly game? Then you need to check out Doozy Dice. This entertaining and addictive game consists of strategy and chance with twists and turns on every roll. Doozy Dice is super easy to learn and since it’s small enough to carry around, you can always bring it to your next social gathering. Roll a variety of dice combinations in as few rolls as possible. Get doozy HERE.

Pure Origin Coffee 3-Pack Bundle

Give the gift of quality coffee for a good cause. Pure Origin Coffee is sustainably sourced, and you can know the farmers who grew the coffee, thanks to AR technology on all bags. Their 3-Pack Bundle includes Kenya, Colombia, and Organic Indonesia single origin coffees, which are all delicious light, medium, and dark roasts. What is wonderful about this brand is that when you purchase Pure Origin Coffee you are empowering coffee farmers around the world. This includes clean water initiatives, access to safe medical care, advancing women’s education, and more. With your email receive 15% off your first order. Nab your ecological coffee and visit https://www.pureorigincoffee.org/.

VinOair Wine Aerator

Make a mediocre bottle of wine a FANTASTIC bottle of wine with the VinOair Wine Aerator. Not only is this a useful product to oxidate your wine for premium flavor and quality, but with VinOair you will be able to serve up the perfect pour. Instead of waiting for your bottle of wine to breathe, get the party started right away. What I especially like about the VinOair is that its aerator pops straight into the neck of the bottle to eliminate unnecessary drips. Get yours today at http://www.vinoair.com/ or at Amazon HERE.

Casa M Spice Premium Low Sodium Spice Blends

For the cooking enthusiast Casa M Spice should be on your list. This delectable spice pack makes a terrific gift for loved ones to cook up an unforgettable meal. Casa M is an award-winning label and a staple for the kitchen because these spices are so versatile you can add them to embellish the flavor to any produce, marinade, veggie, seafood, or meat. Kosher certified and available in two heat levels: Original and Uncontrolled (2x heat) see the entire spice collection at https://casamspice.com/

L’or de Seraphine Sugar Plum Fairy
Turn your home into a tranquil holiday oasis when you light up the L’or de Seraphine Sugar Plum Fairy Candle. Sugar Plum Fairy is a lovely balance of warm and sweet, with notes of plum and oud that bring you back to your childhood days. L’or de Seraphine produces an exquisite variety of aromatic candles for every taste. Not all candles are created equally, and this brand is supreme luxury. Free shipping on orders over $45. Bring on the serenity at https://www.lordeseraphine.com/

Lavanila’s The Healthy Fragrance in Pure Vanilla 

Enliven your holiday spirits along with those of anyone who comes close to you with Lavanila’s The Healthy Fragrance in Pure Vanilla. This vegan fragrance is an olfactory heaven, blended with tonka beans and Madagascar vanilla, the brand’s signature base note. Handcrafted by master natural perfumers I love that I can spray this fragrance on and it lasts all day! What is fantastic is that all Lavanilla products never use aluminum, parabens, or harsh chemicals. Free shipping with (US) over $50. Smell amazing!
Visit https://www.lavanila.com/

Spongellé Private Reserve Spongettes 

Searching for a unique stocking stuffer? Spongellé Private Reserve Spongettes exfoliating travel size sponges are not only soothing but enticing as well. This fabulous product contains a built-in body wash formulated with potent skin nourishing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and luminescent. Available in the following scents: Morning Bloom, Peony, Black Orchid and Blackberry, there is a spongette for all tastes. What is wonderful about Spongellé is that this company donates 5% of all orders over $50 dollars to the charity of your choice. Find them HERE.

Sweet Chaos Drizzled Popcorn

Move over, plain microwave popcorn. Drizzled popcorn is the new hip and unique treat to spice up any holiday occasion. Sweet Chaos offers mouthwatering flavors such as Peppermint Crunch, Iced Gingerbread, Peanut Butter Cup and more. Not only will kids love it but adults will, too. Sweet Chaos Drizzles are gluten-free, made with non-GMO handmade kettle popcorn, and have no artificial colors or flavors, so you can feel good about what you are eating. Try something new at https://sweetchaos.com/.

Smile Soft LED Night Lanterns 

‘Tis the season for lights. Incorporate Smile Soft LED Night Lanterns into your festive fun. Whether you are taking a walk in the neighborhood or brightening up your home, this LED product is quite beneficial. Not only is it a cheerful gift for children, these lanterns are also great to have in case of an emergency. This camouflage product even has child-safe phosphorescent body (recharges in any light and glows in the dark) when the LED mode is off. Check out the cool variety of colors HERE.

Get the Scoop Body Butter Wash in Sunday Brunch

Rejuvenate dull, dry skin and boost collagen production for a more youthful look with Get the Scoop Body Butter Wash in Sunday Brunch for your bath. This powerhouse plant stem cell complex and antioxidant-rich extracts combined with coconut creates an exhilarating foaming lather that feels splendid. Protecting the skin against free radicals, this product is a bonus to your shower routine because you will notice results with frequent use. See this and more game changing products at https://nakerybeauty.com/.


Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

Telina Cuppari is a world explorer who loves people and pizza. Originally from California, Telina speaks three languages and has worked in seven countries and traveled extensively in over 30 nations. She now resides in New Jersey where she holds two Guinness World Records for the Largest Collection of Pizza-Related Items. Her husband was kind enough to let her turn their garage into a pizza museum. Telina received her master’s in Edinburgh, Scotland and after spent three more years in the capital writing for one of the country’s largest newspapers about her failed relationships and dating foreign men. She loves anything beauty related, cooking strange food that’s super healthy, and meeting new people. Telina is the founder of Pizza Kindness. An independent, nonprofit dedicated to spreading kindness throughout the tri-state with pizza-related events and campaigns to support college scholarships and other charitable organizations.