5 Best Products For Upgrading Your Curly Routine

Look, it’s 2022. Styles are changing and now, curls are in. I repeat, CURLS ARE IN. Although this is good news for the fellow curly community, this can also seem a bit daunting to some of us. After years of using heat and trying to style it anyway except natural, our curls need a little bit of TLC. We need to work with our curls instead of against them. The best way to do this is to start learning about how your hair is now and what you want it to look like. The good news is that that means we are going shopping for some new beauty products.

First things first. Before we dive into the nitty gritty of things, there is one thing that needs to be understood: what works for someone else might not work for you. Although we are all a part of the curly girl community, we still all look different and beautiful in our own way.

This chart is going to be very important. This will act as your curl pattern guide. Depending on what type of curl pattern you have, your hair is going to react in a certain way to different types of products. If you have a curl pattern like 2c or 3a, you might want to use a curl definer to get more of a spiral out of the look. However, if you have a tighter curl pattern like 4b or 4a, you might want to get a curl elongator which will give you the same spiral look. Other things will also play a part in how you like a product, but knowing your curl pattern is a good start.

Another thing to remember is to not be scared to have a trim every couple months. When you get a cut, you are taking off those dead ends that are holding your curls back from being the best they can be. Once you take off that inch or two, your healthy curls will bounce right back up.

Now, for the fun part… Here is a guide for which products to use, based on which characteristics you want to add back into your hair:

If you want your curls to look more defined, you need to find a good mixture of a diffuser and a curl cream. If you want more definition, these two products will be the holy grail to your curly routine.

Unite Hair is a hairstylist-developed and approved professional haircare line with over 45 high-performing, easy-to-use products. The company released their BOING line to help curls have the right amount of moisture along with definition and control. The BOING Moisture Curl Cream has a coconut and argan oil blend which quenches and controls curls by delivering a mega-dose of hydration that not only moisturizes but protects, too. If you want a product that delivers light hold without the stiffness or crunch, this is the way to go. Celebrity hairstylist Cesar Deleon Ramirez has used these products in the past on stars like Ciara.

Curlsmith is focused on simplifying a curly routine. The Defrizzion Dryer and XXL Diffuser from curly hair care expert Curlsmith makes drying and styling faster and less stressful. This hair dryer was made to work with every curl pattern in half the time. This brand understands that you don’t want to wake up 30 minutes earlier just to have a good hair day. The diffuser is a huge 8″, so it covers more hair at the same time. It has an even airflow that helps keep frizz to a minimum. The dryer provides even, gentle heat to minimize damage. It even has prongs at the back, so you don’t have to hold it while using it!I promise you will not regret getting this product.

We all grew up obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw’s voluminous curls. To get more volume into your curls, you can incorporate a voluminous product to get that extra oomph that you need.

Unite’s Liquid Volume spray is made for giving you texture and body. The spray goes on wet but instantly dries to deliver weightless volume, texture and workable hold on both wet or dry hair, with or without heat. This innovative product has the ability to activate and reactivate with each touch, or brush, throughout the day. This way, you don’t have to rely on the initial volume you get in the beginning of the day. You can even use this when you want a 90’s blowout but it does create a voluminous textured curl or wave.

Sometimes, you will finish drying your hair and it will feel like your curls are so frizzy. To prevent that, you want to make sure you have a good blow dry cream.

Briogeo is focused on creating healthy hair by catering to every different hair type. Their Farewell Frizz line is for anyone that has dry, frizzy and/or heat-styled hair. Their blow dry perfection & heat protectant crème is a lightweight blow-dry finishing and heat protectant cream fortified with rosehip, argan, and coconut oils. The nourishing blend of oils helps to smooth hair, enhance shine, tame frizz, and thermal protect up to 450°F.

A lot of people believe that curls don’t receive as much shine as straight hair does, and the truth is, they don’t; because our pattern doesn’t allow the light to reflect off a smooth platform, we can feel like our hair isn’t giving off that luscious, reflective look. Luckily, for us, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Unite Hair’s U Oil gives hair that extra shine and moisture it craves. U Oils is a multi-tasking argan oil that shines, seals, and protects hair from frizz, heat, & UV damage while delivering a mega-dose of hydration. It also quickly smooths dry and damaged ends. It also works to reduce blow-dry time. It’s the perfect lightweight online for everyday use.

It’s time to find the perfect routine for your curls!


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