5 Sensory Products That Are Green + Clean

These products deliver a full-senses experience without any typical toxic inclusions. They’re clean-ingredient wonderful, and part of the excellent MASIMA-founded Conscious Beauty Collective:

The ADORAtherapy Reach Performance Boost Roll On is crafted for “aligned + outgoing” with organic jojoba, refreshing eucalyptus, fennel, cypress, lavender, frankincense, laurel, and hyssop essential oils. Vegan and natural, this is a distinctive, lovely scent that tucks easily into a pocket or purse for a delightful whiff olfactory pleasure. This is truly a lovely, offbeat, and oddly enticing scent that lingers in mind in a subtle, memorable way.

Kalme Co’s Organic Liquid Gold Face, Body & Hair Oil is mindfully formulated as an all-over, multi-purpose moisturizer for skin and hair. Nourishing botanicals and dry oils combine to easily battle frizzy, dry hair and to slake thirsty skin with a luscious lavender aroma. As your skin feels instantly hydrated, the lavender scent transports you to a serene place, and your hair will be smoother, softer, and lightly scented in an organic way. This 30ml bottle of Liquid Gold may be all you need this summer.

Foria’s Intimacy Awaken Arousal Oil is all-organic and helps ease tension with kava root and cannabis sativa seed extract, peppermint, vanilla, cardamom, coconut oil, and other goodness that enhances arousal while reducing friction during intimate moments. Flowered by Hudson Hemp and brought to you by Eden Partners in Boulder, this product delivers an experience (and smells amazing).

H. Honeycup Lip Scrub in Aloe Coconut is a gentle exfoliator and lip-smackingly delicious, non-toxic, and vegan lip experience. It’s lemony and coconutty – reminiscent of a whipped lemon coconut merengue pie – and so tasty that you’ll be applying it just for the calorie-free fun of it.

Cris’s Blends Deodorant in Island Breeze for sensitive skin (baking soda free, and aluminum free) manages to capture a tropical vide in deodorant form without any toxic ingredient inclusions, and will have you discreetly sniffing yourself at the gym (or wherever working out) because it smells so good. Vitamin E rounds out the greatness in this product that smells of pineapple, coconut, and a fresh summer breeze.

Enjoy! Get ready for summer with these thoroughly green offerings.