A Kiwi’s Skincare Needs

I sit in my bedroom writing this while listening to the all-so-holy Lorde – more specifically, her Solar Power album: sun, summer, beaches galore. Sadly, I am unable to make it to New Zealand and kick it with her. But I have something close: By Nature, a new skincare line from the pretty island in Oceania. This Kiwi-based brand has affordable goodies with high quality skin-lovin’ blends. I’m currently wearing the 2% Hyaluronic Acid Intensively Hydrating Sheet Face Mask, which has my face soaking it up like my tan in the summer.

Before this I used the Brightening and Hydrating Cream Cleanser with Vitamin C and Collagen. This baby is no-foam and gently cleansed my face after my workout. It smells of bright, freshly squeezed oranges and happiness. I had to head downstairs to grab some clementines because it smelled that good!

Another citrusy, clean product is the Vitamin C + Collagen Brightening & Hydrating Daily Moisturizer I used this post-shower and my body was smiling and shining with a scent of sunshine. I don’t know how By Nature does it, but their line makes me look forward to seeing the big yellow star in the morning.

Once I finish this face mask, I’ll be smoothing on their 10% Vitamin C + Collagen Peptide Boosted Brightening Gel Moisturizer, which instantly delivers a skin boost; it’s like a cup of OJ for your skin, to get you going. The vitamin C and collagen peptide provide a radiant glow, and it’s been improving my skin tone. What’s not to love – after all, it is By Nature and they are based in the country with the cutest little bird!


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