Are you feeling stressed, tense, or tired and fatigued? Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs? Represented by the color red, the root chakra, according to ancient spiritual texts, is located at the spine’s base. A blocked root chakra results in nervousness, lethargy, insecurity, and fear. Balancing the root chakra is grounding—fostering a sense of security, stability, and serenity. ADORAtherapy®’s Chakra 1 Soy Candle with Red Jasper Gemstones is an ideal candle for performing a root chakra candle meditation. Candle meditation is reported to reduce stress and anxiety and increase focus.
Setting the intention “I am vital and vibrant” while gently gazing at the dancing candlelight provided by the scented Chakra 1 Soy Candle provides a calming and revitalizing experience. Adorned with red jasper gemstones, reported to possess grounding and protective qualities, the Chakra 1 Soy Candle is a gift that keeps on giving—adding beauty, aromatherapy, and calming energy to your home. Good vibes all around!


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