AMPLIFY Your Skincare Routine with THIS

The most effective skincare product I’ve tried lately isn’t a cream, gel, or serum—it is Réduit’s BOOST, a LED light therapy tool increasing the absorption of a wide variety of skincare products. BOOST works in conjunction with an app, heightening your skincare routine by adjusting its settings to suit the product you are going to apply. For example, it will use an orange light setting for products related to hydration or a red light setting for a product with anti-aging ingredients.

To allow BOOST to identify the product you are applying, you scan your skincare product’s bar code into the app or use the manual option to input product information manually. However, because the app couldn’t detect the product I was using after I scanned the label, I opted to ditch the app entirely. I presently customize every BOOST session by pressing the START button on the BOOST gadget until the appropriate setting appears.

Fast. Easy. Effective. I’m getting better results using the same skincare products. My conclusion? BOOST is an indispensable skincare tool that is definitely worth the investment.


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