April Showers with LUNA

Showers can be found this time of year from gray days to sun showers, with hope that the rain will clear up and flowers will bloom. Until then, what does bloom are the suds created with FOREO’s LUNA™ 4 Body. With a single charge it can withstand 300 uses while cleansing and massaging the body. I’ve been using it everyday for the past month and half and it’s been my favorite part of showering. The ultra soft silicone that the device is made from is hygienic and quick drying. I apply soap on my body and then go in with the device to cleanse. I love the feel in my hands and even more, the feel of it on my skin. It claims to remove up to 99% of dirt and bacteria and I can say, it does an amazing job deep cleaning while being gentle enough on my skin. I’ve noticed less ingrown hairs thanks to the LUNA™ 4 Body that helps with light exfoliation, not a harsh scrub like from other products. It’s a shower staple that I can slip into my travel bag or leave in my bathroom. I’m in love.

For my face, the LUNA™ 4 in the variety of Combination skin has been a saving grace. Long gone are the days of washing my face with my hands, since the LUNA™ 4 cleanses the face and removes up to 99% of dirt, makeup, and oil. I simply apply my cleanser to the brush and scrub away. With the app I control how long and intense the brush is, something I’ve never seen before with other facial brushes. The vibration helps to wake me up in the morning and calm me down at night. One side is even meant for facial massages and lymphatic drainage. For this use, I apply a serum to my face and follow the massage video on the FOREO app to uplift my skin. It’s simultaneously relaxing and energizing. LUNA™ 4 offers up to 300 uses per charge and shares the same soft and hygienic silicone as the LUNA™ 4 Body. After my time using the LUNA™ 4 I’ve noticed a decrease in breakouts, even during my monthly cycle. This device is a game changer in the skincare world, and I simply cannot wait to use it for a year and report my results.


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