Are You Wearing Your Mask?

foot masks

As the days grow longer, I brace myself for the glorious sunshine-filled months ahead. My toes will get to see the sun but… oh no! They have been neglected under socks this winter and they beg for moisture. grace & stella’s Dr. Pedicure Foot Mask has been my saving grace.

Post-bath, I sit on the edge of my tub and put on the booties. (After soaking my feet for ten minutes in warm water, of course). I follow up with fluffy socks and kick back with some Euphoria and a face mask.

Masque BAR Naturals Green Tea Sheet Mask

Yes I double-mask with Masque BAR’s Naturals Green Tea Sheet Mask. Made with green tea and willow bark, this mask is an earthy shade of green. Perfect for St. Patrick’s day! Vegan, natural, and biodegradable; I’m sooooo here for it while I indulge in some R&R. I apply it to my clean face and let the goodness soak into my pores as I swoon over Hunter Schafer and Jacob Elordi. A girl should never have to choose between these two cuties.


gua sha

After I take off the mask and throw it into the compost, I pat the excess serum into my face and go in with my gua sha, a la grace & stella. Pretty baby pink rose quartz kisses my face as I sweep upwards, downwards, and alllllll over! I feel my brows relax and lymphatic fluid drain from my neck (ew, but satisfying). I like to pop it in the fridge for some cooling effects. Once I’m finished, I remove my foot mask and ooh ahhhh… soft feet. But first: the peeling over the next few days. Then soft feet. Yay. It’s always a good time to add masking to your routine, Beauty News NYC readers!

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