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Zum body scrub collection

Ever get into that mode where you just want to impulse buy something to scratch that vague emotional itch you aren’t quite ready to face but want to appease? Ever write that off as self-care or “oh that would be a cute gift for so and so”?

Don’t worry – there is no judgement here for I too have such moments. Instead of having them aim in a random direction and upon something you may not enjoy or it isn’t that great of a gift – take a gander with your wandering eyes at holistically healing, plant-happy, mission driven in a fun way brand Zum by Indigo Wild.

Promised to provide an abundance of “zenergy”, Zum is self-described to be “a place where National Geographic meets Marie Antoinette in a John Denver lullaby while the plants speak secrets to each other”. The only thing to think about next is – which product do I try?

Sea Salt Zum Scrub

Zum exfoliating sea salt body scrub

The bath is when I get the chance to really remove all the bad stuff gathered from the day. Whether it’s the air pollution you can’t see without micellar water on your face, allergens sticking to your hair, sweat and dirt from just existing or just plain bad vibes, the bath (or shower) is when you can really get at it all.

Zum’s exfoliating sea salt body scrub does an excellent job of this. The salt does a great job of gently scrubbing the skin and also provides a natural way to remove bad energy. The essential oils and addition of Vitamin E nourish and give back to the skin so you don’t feel like you just grated your body for nothing.

And the smells – Zum does not get stingy with clearly plenty of fragrance to brighten your bathing. The all-natural exfoliating scrub blends floral with citrus scents and adds a hint of that sensual patchouli to catch you off guard – but in a good way.

Don’t let the cute branding fool you. The ingredients are wholesome and romantic and worth exploring. I am personally interested in the Frankincense and Myrrh one to try next.

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Zum Sachet

Zum Sachet

Maybe you want to try a less-risky investment to delve into the Zum world. Want to consider probably the least expensive, most unexpectedly effective, subtle but powerful best-gift or for-yourself product?

Yes, it was that long for a reason. The Zum Sachet did all those things that you kind of hoped all impulse buys would provide but couldn’t deliver.

Well, here is how I realized it was amazing. I threw the sachet into my duffel bag for some traveling and had a problem trying to find my small laundry bag in it. I forgot I had clothes I needed to wash. Every time I opened my bag I couldn’t understand why I felt so good. It wasn’t until I emptied it to look for another small item that I found the sachet happily doing its thing at the bottom of the bag.

It’s affordable and you can throw this thing everywhere. Laundry baskets, travel bags, gym bags, shoe closet, your college kid’s everything because you can’t control when or if they’ll do laundry (the horror stories I could tell from my college days). This little bag packs such a glorious punch. Did I mention it’s one of the best applications of a business not wasting any extra product as it’s a unique blend of soap shavings?

As a bonus, because it’s a random blend you can get the same level of excitement as gachapon toys or the lottery – except this will cost way less unless you get potentially addicted to having this and sending it as gifts (which to be honest is likely to happen to me).

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Scent Guides and Sampler Sets

Unsure where else to start? For me, I like to tackle scents first – which Zum also agrees with by providing an extremely helpful “Shop By Scent” section right in their main navigation of the website that separates not only into popular scents but also directs customers to categories containing these scents. So if you desire “woodsy”, “floral” or “fresh” scents, Zum will show you the way in shopping and with their scent guide.

Zum also provides sampler sets that let you try multiple products and also make great gifts (for yourself of course).

Did I mention Mission-Driven?

To top it all off, Zum has two product lines dedicated to some very awesome causes.

Their Betsy Line donates $1 for every Betsy Bar sold to Turning Point: The Center for Hope and Healing and 25% of Betsy Body Lotion sales to non-profit Back in the Swing.

Zum also loves their canine counterparts and donates $1 for every Y.U.M. Bar sold to Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.

Truly there is much to dig into for botanical happy brains. Zum by Indigo Wild has so many fragrant offerings from body care to candles to cleaners. So if you feel like impulse buying, maybe try some all-natural, playful plant positive products from Zum.


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