At Home Spa: Aussie’s Frank Body

Don’t have time for an extended Spa visit in the coming week or two? Start running a bath – it’s Frank Body to the rescue from Australia with these two 100% natural and vegan bath and face products:

Frank Body’s Anti-Drama Face Mask has a motto, “Less drama, more dreaming,” which sounds super conducive to relaxation. Simply apply to face, leave this soothing mask on for 15 minutes, and chill with your favorite libation, be it champagne or organic tea.

In Your Dreams Sleep Scrub & Soak is a scrub-in-the-tub soaking scrub that merely requires you adding it to your bath and massaging it over your skin while de-stressing in the bath. Languish in the water until you feel thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. This is a soak that promotes beauty sleep. Contains epsom salt, lavender, magnesium, and chamomile. Say Ahhh.

Pick these up at / @Frank_Bod

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