Aura Cacia Essential Oil Aromatherapy Mists: Breathe Deep

Aura Cacia is noted for its quality offerings of 100% pure essential oils for aromatherapy, beneficial skin care products, diffusers, bath items, roll-on aromatherapy blends, kids products for sleep, and body misters. We wanted to try just three of their many mists blends to put to these aromatherapy-fragrance fusions to the sniff test and see if they improved moods and atmospheres.
Here’s the lowdown:

CLEARING EUCALYPTUS does bring the bracing sharpness of fresh eucalyptus straight to your nose. This mist clears away stuffiness in rooms and is an ideal mid-afternoon pick-me-up. I love it for scenting drawers and closets, too. Spray it on yourself with impunity because it contains only goodness: eucalyptus oil, sweet orange oil, lavendin oil, and ylang ylang for a touch of floral. This is so energizing.

REFRESHING PEPPERMINT is almost sweet, like candy, but not in a cloying way – more in an uplifting way. In addition to fresh peppermint, it contains sweet orange, ylang ylang, and spearmint oil. This is definitely a mood-lifter, and reminiscent of a minty fresh blast of spearmint gum and herb garden. Truly lovely.

PILLOW POTION is a relaxing blend of lavender, orange, patchouli, chamomile, and yarrow oil. This sleep-inducing blend evokes a relaxing mood and can be tossed into a gym bag for yoga, too – though Aura Cacia does offer a Yoga Mist, too.

Check out these and other blends such as Ginger Mint, Tea Tree + more HERE.

Aura Cacia promises the following about all of their products: no animal testing, essential purity-tested, no synthetic preservatives or colors, no synthetic colors or stabilizers, no synthetic fragrances (yay!), and paraben petroleum free. This is what caring about your community and world looks like.

Free shipping on all orders over $39.

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