Avoid Thigh Chafing in Style With Bandelettes

Summer is here, and along with the hot and sticky weather can come irritation from your thighs rubbing together. Thankfully, Bandelettes Thigh Bands and Panty Shorts can help you avoid thigh chafing while still looking stylish.

The lacy, non-slip cloth bands and panty shorts fit attractively and comfortably around your upper thighs, making them an ideal protective undergarment for wearing under dresses and skirts this summer.Bandelettes Thigh Bands and Panty Shorts come in many different styles and colors, and range in price from $17.99 to $25.99:

Order Peony Thigh Bands in White, Beige, and Black online HERE.

Order Dolce Thigh Bands in White, Beige, Black, Chocolate, and Red online HERE

Order Unisex Thigh Bands in Black, Beige, and Chocolate online HERE.

Order Elegance Panty Shorts in Beige, White, and Black online HERE.

Order Allure Panty Shorts in Beige and Black online HERE.


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