Awaken to State-of-the-Art Skincare

OPULUS has reinvented at-home skincare with an award-winning treatment regimen for tired, dull, and dehydrated skin. The OPULUS Awaken Facial Starter System was my introduction to a skincare system that is unlike any skincare system I’ve ever experienced. It’s straightforward, relaxing, easy to implement, and effective.

Phase One is completed before I turn in for the night. After cleansing my face, I use the OPULUS activator appliance to blend, warm, and activate the Hibiscus Cocoon Mask, which is contained within a small pod. After the ingredients in the pod are blended, I massage the activated ingredients into my skin for about 30 seconds. The heated ingredients feel warm and soothing on my skin.

The preservative-free, paraben-free mask doesn’t feel greasy or oily and is quickly absorbed. I leave it on overnight and remove it following Phase Two directions shortly after I awaken.

Phase Two involves activating the Kiwi Micro-Polish. Once the ingredients are activated by placing the Kiwi Micro-Polish pod inside the OPULUS activator appliance, I gently massage the micro-polish over the mask I had applied the night before. I do this for 30 seconds. Then, I wet my fingertips with warm water and continue to massage the Kiwi Micro-Polish into my skin before rinsing everything off. After rinsing and patting my skin dry, my skin looks smoother and noticeably more hydrated.

For my skin, the Awaken Facial Starter System is an ideal choice. The Hibiscus Cocoon Mask’s niacinamide and 4HA hyaluronic acid saturates my skin with revitalizing moisture. The Kiwi Micro-Polish is a great complement to the mask because it gently exfoliates using kiwi seed oil and jojoba micro spheres that does not irritate my hyper-sensitive skin.

There are three other systems suited for different needs: the Retinol Starter System, AHA Refresh Facial Starter System, and the Clarity Starter System. If a skincare ritual utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver freshly activated skincare ingredients is of interest to you, visit to the OPULUS website to learn more about the leading-edge Awaken Facial Starter System.

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