Beachy Waves Without the Beach

I love the tousled nonchalantly casual look of wavy beachy hair. Since I prefer not to risk frying my hair by using heat to style it, I was excited about using Heatless Hair’s curling ribbon to pump up my hair’s texture and create soft waves. Heatless Hair’s Pink Carpet Edition Ribbon kit includes a 100% silk padded curling ribbon, an open craw clip for securing the ribbon during a hair wrapping session, two satin charmeuse hair scrunchies to secure your wrapped hair, and an instruction card—conveniently stored in a satin travel bag.

The styling process begins with dampened hair so I lightly wet my hair with OGX Sea Salt Spray. It is not necessary to use a texturizing spray with the curling ribbon, but I figured the sea salt spray would amp up the waves. Because my medium-length hair is longer in the back and slightly shorter in the front, wrapping my hair around the curling ribbon was somewhat challenging. I think it is probably easier to wrap your hair around the curling ribbon if it is one length throughout. The first time I used the curling ribbon, I kept my hair wrapped for four hours. Wow. Oh, wow! When I unfurled my hair, I beheld perfectly tousled beachy waves.

The only downside to using the curling ribbon is that the final result is random compared to the control offered by a curling iron. Then again, the curling ribbon creates textured waves without the risk of drying and damaging your hair.



Rachelle Nones


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