Beauty Best Bet: Khalm Skincare’s Overnight Oil Elixir

Skin-Saving Khalm Overnight Oil Elixir from South Asia
The Khalm Overnight Oil Elixir is centered on Oud, the world’s most precious oil, which is used to elevate the spirit, heal, and impart calmness. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that are also anti-aging and contain antioxidants, and this elixir boosts collagen, hydrates, detoxifies, brightens skin, provides natural UV protection, reduces hyperpigmentation, balances skin tone, refines and improves skin texture. It contains a subtle, fragrant scent, too. Other ingredients apart from Oud are prickly pear extracts, vitamin C, meadowfoam, sunflower and avocado oil. Apply 1-2 drops on cleansed skin at night, and you can also add a drop or two to your favorite moisturizer to enrich it. Great for all skin types, and this is 99.18% natural. Khalm’s Overnight Oil comes with a Gua Sha too, for massaging your face to soften lines, reduce circles, lift eyebrows, firm face, reduce puffiness and encourage lymphatic drainage.


Price: $185

Available: HERE