Beauty Best Bet of the Day: Beauty Bakerie the Butter Hydrasilk Primer

Warm weather is here. If you like to let your skin breathe and avoid heavy, cakey foundations or concealers during the hot and humid months, you can rely on Beauty Bakerie’s The Butter HydraSilk Primer. This no-mess, stick primer glides on skin like the butter and silk in its name — for real! It evens out skin and gives you a smooth canvas if you opt to go bare or no color product on to. However, if you want to rock foundation or powder regardless of the rising outdoor temperatures, you can use this as your base. It gives your makeup something to adhere to but without feeling heavy. Yes, it’s another layer of product but it’s seriously light. It will leave skin feeling silky smooth. I plan to skip powder in favor of The Butter HydraSilk Primer on those stifling dog days. Also, here’s a pro tip from brand founder Cashmere Nicole: you can use The Butter HydraSilk Primer as part of your baking routine, and add it last! That way, it almost sets your makeup for the day. Again, it’s 2021. There are no makeup rules anymore! 


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