Beauty Best Bet of the Day: HIDE Full Coverage Premium Concealer

Got a zit that won’t quit? Messy Maskne? A bout of blemishes? Unsightly bruises? A — gasp— regrettable tattoo? If you checked “yes” to any or all of those boxes, then you need to grab a tube or six of HIDE Full Coverage Premium Concealer. The product has been blowing all over Instagram — and with good reason. This hydrating, weightless, buildable, oil-free, cruelty-free, and covers every-freaking-thing formula really hides everything you want hidden. It doesn’t smudge, smear, or transfer. I have a blob-like tattoo on my ankle that I got in college and loved at the time. But it hasn’t aged well. I am considering getting it laser removed but until I actually make that appointment, I am content to swipe a few coats of HIDE in both Almond and Vanilla on it and poof! It disappears I can happily wear dresses and show off my legs and ankles without feeling less-than-stoked about my least favorite tattoo.


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