Beauty Best Bet: Relumins Serum

These two serums will help your skin achieve more clarity and radiance, imparting a smooth tone and luminosity:.

Brighten your under eye dark circles with Relumins Advance White Herbal Under-Eye Serum with Brazilian ginseng, Madonna Lily and red algae. In a convenient 10ml bottle with a rollerball head, the formula was clinically proven at the University of Campinas in Brazil to penetrate the surface and brighten the dark circles caused by blood flow stagnation in as few as 28 days when used twice a day. An in-vitro study showed the ability to inhibit the return of dark circles by mediating the inflammation. Porphyridium Cruentum Extract taken from red algae contains omega-3 fatty acids and polysaccharides which protect and improve the appearance of skin. Try it, you will love it! Find relief for dark circles HERE.

Relumins Advance White Skin Perfection Serum combines exfoliating botanical extracts rich in alpha hydroxy acid and lactic acid, both effective at clearing the skin surface. This product is recommended for women who suffer from hyper-pigmentation and skin discoloration, freckles, liver spots.Enjoy a more radiant complexion while stimulating your skin’s collagen production, thus improving its tone and reducing fine lines. Dab a little morning and night on your face and neck. Enjoy more radiance and clarity, and shop for it HERE.