Beauty Best Bets: PUDUS for Cozy Sleeping Attire + Accoutrements

Since a full night’s sleep is absolutely crucial for functioning properly, regenerating your body, and remaining healthy, so you might as well do it in style and with optimal comfort. To that end, we heartily recommend the following from Pudus Lifestyle Co:

Pudus Korrah Pajamas
Sleep peacefully in Pudus black, buttery soft, thermo-regulating Korrah pajama pants + top, knowing that they’re making the world better as they provide superior comfort. Made of Tencel™ Modal and 100% vegan, a sustainable fabric comprised of a natural cellulose found in wood pulp. These are sustainably harvested and certified as biodegradable & compostable. This eco-soft technology offers long-lasting, extra gentle softness that is super comfortable, even on sensitive skin. The Tencel™ fibers absorb moisture 50% more efficiently than cotton, ensuring that you’re cool and dry all throughout the night. This enhanced breathability supports the body’s natural thermal regulation, and its anti-bacterial properties keep you fresh and odor-free as you slumber. Bonus: these retain their color even after repeated washing.

Fluffy Slippers
On the Pudus site, you can also find a wide array of attractive slippers, including these Creekside Slide Slippers in Lumberjack Red for Holiday 2021, They feel as though you’re slipping your feet into two warm, fluffy clouds.

Satiny Sleep Masks
Cap your full night’s sleep off with this Tonal Blue Pudus Eye Mask that is as soft as satin and works incredible well when it comes to blocking out light and feeling non-existent. Available in an array of colors (Harbour Blue, pink, black) and with sayings written on them, these masks also come with their own travel bags. Enjoy a deep sleep, since this is sustainably made from up-cycled fabric scraps from the rest of the Pudus Tencel Pajama Collection. The mask’s elasticized strap ensures a perfect fit.

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