Best Bet of the Day: theBALM Furrowcious Brow Pencil with Spooley

I follow this makeup golden rule: My face is the picture and my brows are the frame. So I take extra care to brush, shape, and thread my brows. Even so, I love to just fill in any sparse spots or clean up the shape in between threading sessions. But the key is looking natural. theBALM’s Furrowcious Brown Pencil — BEST.NAME.EVER— has a thin-tipped crayon pencil to fill in brows on one end. There is a petite spooley on the opposite end so you can comb brows into shape. It’s two tools in one self-contained, space-saving tube. The formula is clean, won’t smudge in the heat, and comes in Blonde, Light Brown, and Dark Brown, so you can turn the color saturation up or down to suit your brow shade.