Best Hand Sanitizers and Hand Balms for the Summer

Since the beginning of this pandemic, keeping our hands clean has become our first preoccupation and one of our best observed daily rituals. Yet hand washing several times a day and hand sanitizing with isopropyl alcohol from morning to night is hurting your hands’s delicate skin leaving your paws dry and cracked. You don’t have to put your hands through such an ordeal. Here are some healing hand balms and gentler germ killing sanitizers to rescue your hands this summer:

Resurrect your dehydrated hands with organic 5YINA Hand Treatment with moringa oil to heal skin. Infused with potent botanicals known in traditional Chinese medicine to nourish skin, it was created by Dr. Ervina Wu and Angela Chau, both traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Adaptogenic plants repair, while licorice provides antiviral and anti-inflammatory protection and honeysuckle, hinoki, tulsi, licorice add anti-microbial benefits.Your olfactic senses will feast on the subtle clean scent of essential oils. The hand balm is packaged in an eco-friendly recyclable aluminum tube. Additionally, 5YINA donates 2% of all sales during this time to First Responders First, an initiative to provide essential supplies and resources for frontline healthcare workers. Gift your hands  the luxury hand balm of 5Yina at

The Minnie Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray made with 65% ethyl alcohol (the CDC recommends this level of alcohol to kill germs effectively) is super effective at removing 99.9% of germs from hands while hydrating them and maintaining their softness for up to 24 hours. Other safe ingredients include glycerin and aloe vera.This limited edition is available in two lush colors: Pink Marshmallow and Purple Thistle. No harsh ingredients, no dyes, no scents. With 500+ sprays or 250 uses, Minnie replaces 15+ bottles of gel based alternatives. See this super healthy and beautifully bottled hand sanitizer at

If your hands suffer from eczema or psoriasis, they will feel healed by Washed Up from Topicals! It is made with gentler ethyl alcohol (less drying than the isopropyl alcohol that is typically found in most sanitizers) and eucalyptus oil (to heal and soothe with anti-inflammatory properties), camphor (to relieve itching) and vegetable glycerin (to fortify the skin’s barrier and help shield the skin from damage). Look it up at


Oh.So’s organic Hands Sanitizer is made with colloidal silver to kill germs and bacteria without damaging even the most sensitive skin. Your hands will absorb the soothing lotion on contact building a moisture barrier for the skin while keeping them germ free with a delicious subtle orange peel scent. Made in California with real ingredients from Mother Nature, no GMOs, no cruelty, no gluten. Learn more