Best Supplements for Mom

Your mom could benefit from good supplements, so this year in particular, give her the gift of health. These products will support her mental well-being and immune system during our trying times.

Bio-Kult is an advanced multi-action probiotic formula that supports the immune system and cognitive function that may decline with aging or during times of stress. According to Hannah Braye, a  nutritionist: “In times of stress, we can sometimes lose concentration and find it difficult to focus. As we age, we may also have impaired cognitive function through reduced chemical messenger levels and brain mass. These changed states may potentially be enhanced by changes within the gut microbiome, with fewer of the more helpful species observed in older age. Species of live bacteria may improve cognitive function by enhancing neural connections, as well as clearing toxins that contribute to lower cognitive ability. Containing the probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis PXN 21, Bio-Kult Mind also contains grape and blueberry; these are high in powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which have both been found to lower cognitive aging and improve concentration. Zinc is abundant in the human brain, but is found to be lower in elderly populations. Zinc is needed for adequate neural communication and studies suggest taking a supplement could further improve cognitive ability. Bio-Kult Mind could help anybody looking to improve their digestion and cognitive ability, such as working adults and students and the elderly. Read more at

Help your mother get through your coronavirus confinement smoothly with the Beam Revive nano CBD Capsules that put a break on stress, muscle soreness, low energy and frazzled nerves that come with being confined too long.  Beam Revive’s daily capsules are filled with nano CBD and green tea, white willow bark, and turmeric that target inflammation and help improve movement and mood. The tiny particles of the nano CBD powder in Beam improve absorption and performance making it a superior brand in the market of CBD supplements. Beam’s CBD has been third-party tested for quality and to ensure that all products are THC-free. The unique CO2 extraction method preserves a pure THC-free CBD oil from the hemp plant as well as some terpenes. This organic compound contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other benefits according to some studies. CBD works better when these key plant terpenes are left intact. Feel better at

For mom’s (or your own) menstrual cramps, Wing Woman by Vena CBD is a menstrual support supplement formulated with CBD, iron, valerian root, cramp bark, ginger, cinnamon, chasteberry and more. Designed to ease menstrual symptoms and replenish nutrients lost in the menstrual cycle, the collection is a blessing for women who go through hell during their period. Guaranteed to contain 0% THC by a third party testing, it was created by Real Housewives of Orange County alumna Tamra Judge who launched Vena CBD with her husband Eddie last year. After she was diagnosed with a heart condition, Tamra started using CBD to treat her condition to reduce both pain and anxiety. Wing Woman by Vena CBD can be taken in the form of capsules that contain 25 mg of CBD each or by means of a tincture that includes MCT oil and CBD. Place one dropper full under your tongue each morning or evening.Discover the company plethora of products to treat pain, anxiety sleeplessness and all other of life’s ailments at


Your mom and all the members of your family would love the new +Red Elixir line of natural and functional beverages that strengthen the body and immune system with a red marine algae (a superfood that fights against invading organisms and toxins), natural caffeine from green coffee bean, vitamins B3, B6, B 12, pantothenic acid B 5, magnesium and electrolytes. This immune-boosting, refreshing bubbling tea tastes absolutely delicious and makes you feel instantly better and more balanced. When heated up, it helps loosen secretions in the chest and relieve from sinuses. Grab one whenever you feel low in energy whether you work out at home or just need to feel better and fight congestion. Sweetened with crystalline fructose and counting 80 calories per can, the collection includes the Rescue Pack, Power Pack and Power 20 in Dragon Fruit, Berry Citrus and Blood Orange flavors and is available at Walmart, Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe and Target.

To help Mom keep her youthful glow, treat her to New Chapter’s The Natural Beauty Box which contains all she needs to keep her skin fed with nutrients to fight aging. The New Chapter’s Beauty Supplement provides a 30 day supply of astazanthin, an anti aging antioxidant 50 x stronger than vitamin C extracted from organic algae and fermented biotin that is 30 x more powerful than regular biotin and helps maintain hair and nails. The New Chapter Beauty Collagen Glow powder is packed with plumping peptides scientifically proven to hydrate and firm skin and strengthen joints and organic sea buckthorn to fight free radicals at a cellular level. Included in the gift box is a Green Aventurine Jade Roller, a face massage tool to help improve circulation and create a healthy radiance. Make your mom happy with this awesome New Chapter box set at

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