Better Natured: Vegan Hair Color with Pro Quality

You don’t need to douse your hair with tons of chemicals to achieve impeccable gray coverage and lasting vibrant color anymore. Better Natured is a vegan, permanent liquid-creme color that uses 90 % naturally derived ingredients to provide your mane with rich dimensional color and excellent conditioning. 

The Better Natured hair color was created to respond to people’s frustration over having to choose between naturally-derived products and professional salon results. Better Natured color was crafted with the highest number of naturally-derived ingredients possible without sacrificing on the quality that you expect from professional color.

“I’m excited for everyone to try this new naturally-derived* color range! Not only is the new Better Natured color collection easy to use at home, it provides you with the same professional results and ‘good for your hair’ formulations that make the styling and wet line ranges so great,” says Celebrity Hairstylist & Brand Ambassador, Marcus Francis.

Better Natured™ color launches with 26 boldly beautiful shades ranging from classic neutrals like black, brown and blonde to flashy fashionable shades such as red, violet, silver and blue. Your hair will be supremely conditioned, thanks to a signature triple plant-milk blend of Tahitian palm, coconut, and orchid milk that protects and heals the hair in a way you have never experienced.

I loved experimenting with several colors, and found the color so rich and long lasting that it has changed how I go about dying my hair. Expect the color to be very deep and to last through many washings for up to 8 weeks. The shade grips to the hair while leaving it strong, soft, pliant and natural looking. The richness of the shade may turn your hair a bit darker than you expected, so keep this in mind when selecting your shade and take the test to determine what is the best hue for you. If you find the color a bit darker than you expected, don’t worry as this is part of the depth and richness of the shade and it will lighten up after a few washings. You never have to worry about your grey showing though, as the color sticks to the hair shaft and never fades. Free of SLS/SLES sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones and gluten – and never tested on animals, it contains however some ammonia to keep the color permanent.

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