Better Than Braless

To bra or not to bra? It is definitely a personal choice. Here are three picks that will tempt you to update your bra wardrobe:

BraviSport Anti-Wrinkle Workout Bra: Ditch the unsightly and unflattering uniboob look typically created when breasts are compressed in a sports bra. This BraviSport workout bra’s soft, molded cups provide the breast separation and support needed during vigorous aerobic or jogging exercise sessions. What it won’t do is overly compress your breasts into a strange-looking single boob. Plus, the bra’s pads can be adjusted to suit your personal shaping and comfort preferences.

Bravity Anti-Wrinkle Cleavage Bra: There have always been women who wore bras while they are sleeping and women who didn’t. Bravity’s Anti-Wrinkle Cleavage Bra just might convince the “no bra at night” camp to change their minds. This sleeping bra supports and separates your breasts, yet it doesn’t feel like a regular bra because there aren’t any cups.

Wearing the Bravity Anti-Wrinkle Cleavage Bra nightly, as opposed to going braless or wearing a traditional bra while sleeping, prevents wrinkles and creases by keeping your breasts from compressing into crease-forming cleavage. Bra haters will be surprised to discover that this no-cup bra is comfortable to wear, ensuring a restful night’s sleep while it battles gravity. A total win!

Lexington Lace Plunge Bralette: Undress to impress with this feminine, low-cut lace bralette created by Glamorise, a company dedicated to creating products for plus-size women. The Lexington Lace Plunge Bralette’s pretty lace cups provide ample coverage and support, and the lace isn’t overly delicate and fragile as is often the case with lace bras. This machine-washable bralette is an ideal way to treat yourself to an elegant lacy style without worrying about high maintenance.

As pretty as it is, carefully consider the blouse styles you plan on wearing with this bralette because the lace will peek through necklines such as the neckline of a V-neck blouse.

Which bra style did you choose? Studies have shown that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. If you aren’t sure of your bra size, here’s a useful calculator to help you attain the perfect fit:


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