Beverages Improved: Culture Pop Soda + Super Cocoa

Two new beverages pair great taste with healthy ingredients: Culture Pop Soda and Super Cocoa packets.

If Super Cocoa sounds delicious, I can confirm that it absolutely is richly delicious. Even better: it’s rife with healthy ingredients like organic kale, spinach, broccoli, quinoa, amaranth, berries, cauliflower, beets, carrot, chia, coconut, pea protein, stevia, and of course, cocoa. RDCL Superfoods Inc. created these packets of chocolate goodness that are good for you and also taste incredible as a smoothie, hot chocolate, plant-based milk chocolate, and over ice with water, and however else you can imagine enjoying it. Super Cocoa is ideal on a chilly night when binging a favorite series.

Each box contains 12 individual servings (20g), and each packet contains 6 grams of plant-powered pea protein, 3 grams of greens, 3 grams of vegetables, 7 grams of fruits, 6 grams of ancient grains + seeds, and 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar – and each packet is 80 calories. There simply is no better way to sip chocolate.

Read more and order it here.


Gutsy Inc. presents non-GMO, plant-based and vegan Culture Pop Soda, accurately billed as fizzy, zesty, tarty, spicy and gutsy. This is a probiotic soda to help with digestion and inflammation, and each flavor is unique.

Culture Pop Soda comes in 7 tasty flavors: Orange Mango with chili + lime, Ginger Lemon with turmeric, Lemon Lime with cardamom, Wild Berry with basil + lime, Watermelon with lime + rosemary, Strawberry with rhubarb, and Grapefruit with ginger + juniper.

Ingredients include carbonated filtered water, an organic juice blend from concentrate (to comprise the various flavors), citrus acid, various herbs, live probiotic (bacillus subtilis) and seas salt. Only 40 calories, 8 carbs, 6 grams of sugar, gluten-free, with 14% juice. This is a refreshing beverage if you love carbonated drinks and healthy drinks that provide a boost. The Grapefruit flavor was so flavorful that awakened every one of my taste buds, though every one of the flavors brought them alive. Pairing herbs with carbonation, probiotics, and fruit juice is a truly inspired idea for a drink. These can also be used to make fizzy cocktails for brunch and celebrations. Order them at and follow @DrinkCulturePop.

Culture Pop Soda cleverly settled the Midwest vs. east coast debate over the word for a fizzy drink and whether it’s a pop or a soda by simply calling it both.