Blankets Galore with Rumpl

There’s always that friend who’s constantly freezing… ahem, me. Or rather, who just enjoys a good snuggle. Also me. Blankets are my companion through naps, car rides, or camping trips. The best one that’s able to withstand all of my adventures is Rumpl’s Original Puffy Blanket.

I’ve been heading out to the park since the weather is getting nice, and have been laying the blanket out on the grass for a midday meditation. I have Lemonade Fade, a striking lemon to pink colorway that looks like a glass of fresh strawberry lemonade. When a cool breeze comes by I’m able to bundle up in the blanket, thanks to the Cape Clip, a clip that keeps the blanket on, hands free. So I can read or nosh about without worrying that my blanket will land in my hummus.

The Original Puffy Blanket consists of 60 post-consumer water bottles and uses polyester for the insulation and shell, keeping water and dirt out! The loops on the corner make it easy to stake down during outdoor festivals or backyard camping. As someone who is both parts nature lover and comfort queen, Rumpl’s Original Puffy Blanket is a need for anyone who is ready to take outdoors to the next level.


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