Blue Man + Fuerza Bruta: Unforgettable Downtown Duo


New York is the quintessential place for eye-popping live theater — and when you venture downtown, nothing is as memorable as these two classic experience-based shows that have thrilled audiences for years.

The Blue Man Group is hilarious and tech-fueled, featuring bald blue-skinned men playing drums, eating, painting, interacting with technology, incorporating audience members, dancing, performing feats of magic, and generally presenting mind-blowing entertainment. If you have any visitors on your calendar this year, take them to The Blue Man Group, because it will be an experience they’ll always savor. The Blue Man show is also ideal for graduation celebrations, Father’s Day, birthday parties and unforgettable second dates. Visit for information about performances in other cities; the Blue Man Group show is located at the Astor Place Theater at 434 Lafayette. For tickets, call 1-800-Blueman. Here’s a You Tube clip to pique your interest:, though the show is always changing and evolving with new offerings.

Fuerza Bruta is so unique that it nearly defies description – it’s an interactive experience. You’ll be immersed in a tantalizing and mysterious narrative that includes music, kinetic aerial imagery, action, strobe lights, fog, mist and water (so dress casually). There are no seats, so you’ll be on your feet for the 70-minute performance, but you won’t really notice because you’ll be so enrapt with everything unfolding before your eyes, much like a dream come to life. This is perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night! Fuerza Bruta (which means “brute force in Spanish) is playing at the Daryl Roth Theater at Union Square East; 101 East 15th Street. For more information, and to see a clip of Usher’s amazing Fuerza Bruta-style performance, visit — and for a sampling of this show, watch Thank you, Argentina!

No need to fight Times Square crowds for superior entertainment; both of these shows are within easy walking distance of 14th Street and many of the city’s best restaurants.

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Zoe Gruss

Both the Blue Man Group and the Fuerza Bruta shows look absolutely magical. A must see when in downtown New York! Thank you introducing these artists and performers to your readers.


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