BN Clean Cut: CLOVE + HALLOW, Your New PETA-Approved Obsession

BN Clean Cut is a new column devoted to exploring brands with a cleaner, greener edge. The terms “clean” and “green” are highly subjective and (just like the term “natural”) not regulated at all. Every brand, retailer, or publication is likely to have their own definition. Instead of creating a single benchmark, we’re sharing each brand’s “claim to clean” to evaluate against your own standards.


Makeup free of 1,500 icky ingredients, including parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and flavor. Each product is formulated with the “Clean15” guarantee, the brand’s commitment to a lineup of no more than 15 safe, functional ingredients in each item. CLOVE + HALLOW does use some synthetics—run them through EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and you’ll find that thing you don’t recognize on the label falls well within the safe zone.

Vegan, every product is PETA-certified to be cruelty-free. ECO-CERT approved preservatives. Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood for makeup brush handles.

A modern and minimalist approach to everything, from packaging to product ingredients. Their motto is “safety meets swagger” and honestly, that makes me swoon. Their cool logo and chic, simplistic black and white packaging makes your vanity immediately insta-worthy. The Clean15 promise means that every ingredient was thoughtfully considered and packs a punch when it comes to having a purpose.

According to Kate Foster, CLOVE + HALLOW’s media and communications manager, meadowfoam oil is one of the brand’s most nourishing adds, helping to lock in moisture and balance the skin’s natural oil production. “If that wasn’t enough,” she told us, “meadowfoam oil is a potent antioxidant that protects skin from environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution. When used in a skin care or makeup formula, it can even keep other ingredients from oxidizing—meaning your favorite products will last longer.” Score.


There’s a lot to love about this lipstick — it has amazing color, is gorgeously matte and lasts foreverrrr. I’m really digging Road Trip, a bold hot pink that adds cheeky polish to any look. I was surprised at the texture given the name velvet (I expected something creamy, but it quickly dries and feels like next to nothing). The brand recommends exfoliating before application, and well…I didn’t listen the first time. You’ll definitely want to do that if your lips are dry or flaky so things look their smoothest. You might also find yourself layering a bit of balm on throughout the day if your lips are as chronically dry as mine.

Clove + Hollow Hydraglow
I was able to tick off two boxes on the cosmetic checklist with this one. Part skincare and part makeup, Hydraglow is a meadowfoam oil and hyaluronic acid combo with a shot of shimmer. You can add a couple drops to your foundation, moisturizer or primer for instantly nourishing radiance. I loved the glow I got when we dabbed just a teeny bit on my cheekbones.

CLOVE + HALLOW Makeup Brush Trio
This thoughtful trio of brushes does it all while considering both animals and environment — each brush is made with wood that’s Forest Stewardship Council-certified, loaded with ultra-soft vegan bristles, and crafted in a sustainable factory. These three brushes are sublime multi-taskers—take the Perfecting Buffer, a kabuki-style brush that can take powder, liquid, or cream and create some serious complexion envy. The set also includes a double-sided eyeshadow brush (perfect smoky eye ahead…) and a Precision Buffer to conceal anything you want to hide, from pesky pimples to a set of dark circles courtesy of a good girls’ night out.

Ready to shop? Head to or stock up via the Detox Market.

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