Caldrea: Clean Beauty For Your Home

While we are head-over-heels about the clean beauty trend, we may overlook the purity of the daily products we use to keep our home beautiful. While we relish discovering the latest vegan and clean beauty launches, are we as discerning when selecting home products to keep our counters, dishes, and air clean? Are they as good as what we put on our skin? Like traditional cosmetics, a lot of cleaning products are loaded with chemicals that over time can disrupt our body’s endocrine systems and endanger our wellbeing.

There is something delightful about equipping your kitchen with wholesome cleaning products to keep it squeaky clean and freshly scented without having to worry about the ingredients in them. It takes the boredom out of the task and instead can heighten it to a luxurious experience.

The Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Scrub + Shine Set — is a trio of scented cleaning products that will keep your house clean without any chemicals. It cuts through grease and keeps every surface clean. The Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Scrub + Shine Set includes one Sea Salt Neroli Hand Soap (10.8oz), one Sea Salt Neroli Dish Soap (16oz), and one Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Spray (16oz). Made with aloe vera, olive oil, and essential oils, all the plant-based ingredients are clean and do not expose you or your children to any dangerous fumes.

Made with birch bark extract, the Caldrea Sea Salt Nerobi Dish Soap cleans your dishes to a sparkle.

The Caldrea Sea Salt Nerobi Countertop Spray cleans woodwork, tile, laminate, porcelain, fixtures, sealed wood floors and sealed natural and engineered stone, including granite. Made with birch bark and vegetable protein extract, it exudes a light mood-enhancing fragrance in the air.

Refresh your kitchen with a clean product makeover HERE.


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