Can’t Meditate? Hyperice’s Core Meditation Trainer Will Change That.

Warning: This review is so glowing it could light up a room.

Because I have always had trouble focusing during meditation practice, I was excited to learn about the Core by Hyperice. Core is incredibly easy to set up by downloading the Core app and syncing Core with a Wi-Fi connection. Once it is set up, Core streams guided mediations via the app while simultaneously producing pulsing vibrations to help you retain your focus during each session. Before each meditation session begins you must pick up Core and place your thumbs on the stainless-steel metal dots on top of the device. When your thumbs are placed on top of the metal dots, sensors collect data to measure relevant information, such as pulse and heart rate variably.

I started out with Core’s Basic 4-part series and highly recommend the series if you are a novice or haven’t meditated recently and need to reflect upon basic meditation concepts. What I especially like about Core is that you get to choose a meditation goal from a drop-down menu before each session. A diverse range of guided meditations are available, ranging from meditations focused on productivity and performance, to meditations created to help you release stress, relax, or to fall asleep. You also get to choose the gender of your instructor before starting each guided audio meditation.

There is a device-free option available if you want to meditate without experiencing Core’s guiding pulses. However, I personally feel that Core’s vibrations provide invaluable hands-on tactile support that help me to remain focused when I am distracted.

Core’s premium subscription offers daily updated sessions and new guided meditations each week so there is always fresh content to explore. When I don’t feel like listening to a guided meditation, I choose an audio containing sounds or music from Core’s library of diverse soundscapes. You can use Core without purchasing a premium subscription if you don’t wish to access a more extensive selection of frequently updated mediation audios.

Core has quickly become my “go-to” anti-stress buddy. Using Core has been the first time I’ve been able to focus more fully during each session and meditate on a consistent basis. I’m thrilled to have discovered Core because taking five to ten minutes a day for self-care is important for my physical and emotional well-being.

Using Core to meditate never felt like a task. I suppose that is why using Core is so addictive.


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