Care for a Cup of Turkish Coffee, Anyone?

I’d always viewed Turkish coffee as an exotic beverage that wasn’t particularly easy to brew at home. Traditionally, it has been made with coffee beans ground in a brass grinder and typically brewed using a long-handled copper cezve.

As a diehard coffee lover, I was definitely intrigued by my recent discovery of SAKI’s Automated Turkish Coffee Maker. Was it possible to brew a cup of flavorful Turkish coffee with an appealing foam top using a (gasp!) automated machine? How very 2023!

Manufactured in Turkey, SAKI’S Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker is easy to operate, and its sleek, minimalist design is hugely appealing. I wasn’t crazy about the plastic edging around the coffee pot’s spout because I personally prefer glass over plastic but that is hardly a dealbreaker.

The first cup I brewed had a perfect foam topping but there were far too many coffee grounds floating throughout the body of my coffee. The SAKI coffee maker was not at fault. I was. Firstly, I did not realize that the coffee I was using wasn’t ground finely enough. I’ve since learned that brewing a great cup of Turkish coffee requires exceedingly finely ground coffee beans.

Secondly, I had neglected to stir the coffee grounds, sugar, and water in the coffee pot before pressing the start button. Force of habit!

Drinking Turkish coffee is a vastly different experience from drinking pumpkin spice latte served up in a Starbucks cup. Turkish coffee is served in cups that are close in size to an espresso cup. The cups are beautifully ornate and artistically decorated. Thankfully, SAKI has made it easier for more people to enjoy this decidedly different coffee drinking experience.


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