Celebrity Make-Up Artist Creates His Own Line: Q & A with AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson, CEO of AJ CRIMSON Beauty, is an entrepreneur, beauty and lifestyle expert, and a celebrity make-up artist. His established and esteemed reputation has sent him to work with numerous artists and on countless runway shows. Crimson recently launched his new collection Office Politics , which is an inclusive line of nude, high-shine lip glosses and created for all women. The gloss comes in four different shades and is perfect for the office or online calls. All the glosses are vegan and packed with vitamin E to keep your skin supple. What is great about Office Politics is not only can the gloss be used on your lips, but it can also work as a highlighter, cheek color, or light contour. The witty names Crimson has chosen are very fitting to his vision: Regards, Reply All, Please Advise, and PMLE (meaning: per my last email).
Beauty News NYC sat down with Crimson to learn more about his line and how it all began.

Can you tell more about your background and how you got started in the make-up industry? 
I started in radio as a producer and music research coordinator. Then in artist development as an assistant at Biv 10 Records, where I discovered fashion styling and makeup. While working at the MAC store learning make-up, I got a break assisting Oscar Winning Costume Designer Mark Bridges on the movie 8 Mile. Shortly after he offered me the opportunity to continue on in LA I landed a test for a print job with Lori Phillips, who was designing with Will I AM for his first clothing line. At the fashion show I met Fergie and Where is the Love was my first music video as key hair and make-up.

What was the motivation to create your own line of make-up? 
I started developing my first products in 2005. I wanted to make things I used and spent a great deal of money on for clients. I launched Kissable Couture in 2007 and evolved to AJ CRIMSON Beauty in 2013. AJ CRIMSON Beauty embodies everything I learned along the way! Literally from customer service jobs to all of my experiences as a make-up artist. It’s all inspired me to create starting with my client’s needs and that extends to the needs of all women and lovers of beauty. 

Do you have a favorite make-up tip or two?
Incorporate AJ CRIMSON Beauty Dual Skin Foundation into your daily make up routine. As a foundation, concealer, or contour or all of the above. It will make your make life much easier TRULY! You are also supporting a brand that supports artists, women and enthusiasts. It’s built on integrity, authenticity and authority. Not a board room. Best of all: it’s black-owned luxury.

Stop using 20 products to make one face! Use essentials and multi-use your products. With the Office Politics Collection, our lip glosses are not just for lips, this Hi-Shine gloss formula works perfectly as cheek color and light contour as well as a dazzling dewy addition to your lids.

Anything else we should know?
I’m celebrating seven years of AJ CRIMSON Beauty and THE ART OF COMPLEXION complete with a new site, new classes for enthusiasts that ARE NOT MAKE UP ARTIST, to Artist master classes and new anniversary edition foundations. So many amazing things in the works.

To learn more about AJ CRIMSON Beauty and to nab these products, go to https://ajcrimson.com/.


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