Cheers to the Weekend!

Time to relax and sip away all the stress with these drinks:

With Caffeine Turmeric Chai – Golden Milk
For a morning boost to ward off the sleepies, I brew a cup of Jahmu! Made with good-for-you ginger, turmeric, and other spices as bases in all their drink mixes; I combine Golden Milk with Caffeine Turmeric Chai for an uber spicy and warming drink to start my lazy Saturday. I boil coconut milk on the stove while I scoop a bit of both mixes into my mug. Pour the milk, stir it and enjoy. The best part? Jahmu is a Certified-B Corp, meaning their business does good for the body and the earth. I’ll remember that with each tasty sip I take!

Kola Goodies
Oat Mylk Tea Latte
For afternoon pick-me-ups, Kola Goodies’ Oat Mylk Tea Latte is being made in my kitchen. This vegan blend mimics the milky lattes of trendy cafes in Bushwick, but without having to be around people (sometimes at home is best)! Made with low caffeine and natural L-theanine to get me through the day I crave my Oat Mylk Tea Latte like water! Simple as boiling, straining, and enjoying; I’ve got my latte in my hands and back to relaxing with a good book and my dogs. The flavor is creamy, slightly sweet, with a bit of herbal and floral notes; yum yum yum! Woman of color owned and immigrant owned, I feel good drinking Kola Goodies.


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