Circle Back to Bliss

Award-winning designer Ron Chereskin’s Circles candle is a scented love letter to the abundant flowers and greenery in New York’s Central Park.

If you cherish a subtle romantic scent with the essence of ylang ylang, peonies in bloom, and Central Parks’s ever-changing greenery, lighting Chereskin’s Circles candle will initiate an ethereal escape from daily stressors.

The elegant Circles candle is encased in a reusable glass candle holder featuring Chereskin’s artwork. The timeless circular modernist design enhances ultra-modern, transitional, and traditional décor styles.

Sweet! A limited-edition swatch card signed by Ron Chereskin is included with each Circles candle.

Available: HERE


Rachelle Nones


Rachelle keeps up with the latest trends in fashion, beauty, travel, food and beverages, home decor, and entertainment products and services. She adores black and white photography, dogs of every shape and size, bedhead gardens, Craftsman style houses, and savory entrées. Rachelle is a hobbyist photographer and nature lover. Her photographs illustrated her Vermont country store article, which appeared in Grit magazine.

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