Clean CBD Skincare for the New You

TreComplete Kit

As we enter 2023 I know this year will be busy. And I will try to muster as much relaxation as I can. I’ve tried various CBD products to aid in chilling out but never a full skin care line. TreCeuticals came to the rescue with their TreComplete kit, a range of CBD-infused goodies. I start with Priming Cleanser, the face wash that pumps out frothy foam even before I apply. It’s soft and bubbly, resulting in a perfect pick me up in the AM. Its exfoliating fruit extracts and vitamin C go to work immediately to leave my skin glowing.

fomin Eco-Clean Disposable Face Towels

To dry off I grab an eco-clean towel from fomin. Made from natural plant fibers, these towels offer a plush experience to dry off my skin. They also keep germs away that would be transferred onto my face with traditional face towels. Plus, they’re biodegradable so I can chuck these in the recycling bin, guilt free.

I follow up with TreCeuticals Sunday Peel, a supercharged exfoliating peel padwith hydroxy acids, potent antioxidants and plant powered oils. This little pad helps cell turnover, meaning radiant skin (even if the sun don’t shine). It offers a slight tingle after and I cool down with the Mist Me Baby! Spray. Its light mist hydrates my skin and smells like a lemon-lime dream. To seal all my hard work, I dab on some Infusing Hydrator, the facial lotion. It applies seamlessly and absorbs even faster, thanks to the HA’s and plant oils. I’m able to go in with makeup during the day or hit the hay instantly at night. If it’s night, then I apply my final step with Eye Love eye cream. It’s formulated with the same skin loving ingredients as the rest of the line, plus that soothing CBD. After a few minutes I feel blissed out and in control of my stress levels. CBD and eco-friendly may be my personal trend in 2023.