Conscious Beauty Collective: An Ultra Clean Beauty Products Roundup

MASAMI is proud to be the founding brand of the Conscious Beauty Collective, a group of 40+ indie beauty & wellness brands creating retail experiences. Their latest stop is at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and they’ll be there until June 30th. They have a gorgeous store where they are not only selling products, but educating about conscious beauty, sexual wellness, sustainability and more. They offer weekly events with founder meetups, sampling, demos, and live-streaming.

Clean beauty is the future, and ideally it’s part of your present. Your skin soaks up everything you put on it, so make sure you’re treating yourself to the very best (i.e. the cleanest) in skincare and makeup products. Here are some suggestions for Mother’s Day and beyond from the the Conscious Beauty Collective:

MASAMI – Beauty Award Winners
MASAMI is a clean beauty brand lauded for its Mekabu-infused hair formulations, and every one of their haircare products has won a beauty award! MASAMI works on virtually every hair type and texture to give your hair massive levels of botanical hydration without weighing it down. Color safe and 100% non-toxic.

San Francisco’s REVEA skincare brand embraces a modern approach to healthier skin with derm-level diagnostics and bio-customized skincare essentials. Featured in Fast Company and Glossy, Revea’s Moisturizer delivers essential hydration to comfort and restore your skin barrier, and is available in 4 luxurious textures. Stock up for all seasons. ($50)

Hear Me Raw – The Clarifier
Hear Me Raw – The Clarifier with French Green Clay is a 15-minute facial treatment, and contains 28+ other amazing natural ingredients — such as avocado oil, sea kelp, turmeric, neem leaf, lavender, aloe, eggplant, ivy gourd, holy basil, pearl powder, and zinc oxide. This exfoliates to reveal soft, rejuvenated skin. Great for spot treatment like your facial T-zone, and for scrubbing away the remains of a hot day this summer. Use 1 to 3 times per week or before bed to fee refreshed. Sourced globally and based in NYC. ($21 / 2.5 fl oz)

The World is Your Oyster
Olecea Beaute‘s Pearl Activating Elixir contains stem cells, peptides, and moisturizing rose and pumpkin seeds for a potent, powerful, and pampering face and eye treatment that delivers clinically proven results. Drink in this proprietary cocktail of six skin-perfecting essences, icnluding plant-based stem cells, collagen-plumping peptides, balancing probiotics, sea minerals, and much more to deep-dive into hydration and skin repair. ($60 / 15ml)

Pixies: Glow Bare
Corsica‘s organic, all-natural PIXIE Lotion Bar lets you flaunt your inner pixie with sparkling face and body balm that’s sheer enough for subtle daily wear, or layer-able to bump up your look for special events. Deeply moisturizing, it’s designed for face, arms, chest, decolletage, and wherever else you’d like to sparkle-and-glow. This is an excellent base for a bronzer, moisturizer, or sunscreen. Ethically sourced and 100% clean, it’s for the discerning purist in you, or in your life. This Lotion Bar comes in four shades of all-natural mica. ($19.95)

Soteri Skin Satisfaction
Is your skin so thirsty that you feel you need something a little extra to soothe and appease its dryness? Meet GIMME MORE, Soteri Skin’s Daily Treatment with pH/Lock that provides instant hydration and supports skin barrier health and renewal. I put this to the test, and ooooh… instant relief and deep hydration that lasts. This is free of parabens, alcohol, steroids, formaldehydes, fragrance, and sulfates — and it’s chock full of organic shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and oat kernel flour. ($49)

Fit For a Queen – Empress Naturals
Empress Naturals is a USDA-Certified Organic, sustainable, safe and clean skincare line for mature skin, and it’s also remarkably effective. The Luxe Night Elixir Midnight Magic Recovery Oil works like a dream as you slumber, so you can wake up having been royally pampered. Contains only organic oils of rose hip seed, sunflower, coconut oil, vitamin E, geranium, lavender, and squalene. ($79/30ml)

Natural Radiant Life‘s Lavender Body Serum is a heavenly meld of grapeseed oil (antioxidant-rich to penetrate the skin quickly, leaving the skin soft, supple and moisturized) as well as vitamin E to nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals and reduce UV damage to the skin. It also contains squalane derived from olives to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, soothe, prevent irritation, soften, and fade dark spots. Finally, its organic lavender essential oil calms as an anti-inflammatory that protects against free radicals. So this is a veritable powerhouse in a bottle. It smells absolutely divine, too. ($45)

Bust Your Shine
Dreambox Beauty SLICK Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller is the answer to your prayers if you have excess oil and unwanted facial shine, especially in the summer when that all tends to come to the fore. Volcanic ash is the secret weapon in this purse-size roller that you can pull out whenever needed. This won’t smudge makeup, is better than blotting paper, and it’s a lot more fun. ($15)

Safe Your Skin and The Coral Reefs
Olita Tinted Mineral Sunscreen is broad-spectrum SPF 30, water-resistant for 80 minutes, non-nano, non-GMo, TSA-approved, cruelty-free, and contains organic ingredients. In other words: it’s perfect for summer and for protecting your skin. Its Golden Amber Medium Tint blends in with darker skin and imparts a bronzing effect to lighter skin ($18)

Break Out of the Bathroom
Save some serious water with this shaving gel. H2No! Cucumber Craze Dry-Apply Shave Gel enables you to shave anywhere, anytime without water. Simply apply like a lotion, shave, and then wipe your razor clean on a cloth or tissue. Perfect for traveling, yes? Do some good! Find it here.

Support these green, clean, need-to-be-seen brands that strive to help.

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