Create a Sleep Sanctuary for the Ultimate Rest

Falling asleep is a process that includes more than just getting into bed. The right environment is essential to helping you fall asleep more easily, so be sure to include these products in your sleep routine for a better night’s rest:

Fresh air is so important to a relaxing room, and PURGGO has you covered with these handy fresh air bags that can hang anywhere in your bedroom. These bags contain all-natural moso bamboo charcoal, which absorbs and eliminates odors without masking them. With just one bag you can eliminate odors for over 365 days. Use PURGGO anywhere that you want clean, fresh air, from your car to home or office, and you will not be disappointed.

I personally need my sleep environment to be free from light, even the tiny ones on televisions or other electronic devices. That is where Manta Sleep Blackout Stickers come to the rescue. These stickers come in different sizes to cover a variety of electronic devices and are especially useful when traveling. I take them on all of my trips now.

Once you have the room dark enough, it is essential to have an aromatherapeutic spray for your bedroom. Walton Wood Farm‘s Go the F to Sleep Pillow Spray, is the perfect scent to help you drift off to sleep, made with chamomile, lavender and mint. Make sure to spray all around your bed as well for the best sleep.

Celestial Silk pillowcases are so soft and smooth, they make sleep a pleasure. Surround yourself with a pillowcase that will draw you into slumber in no time. I love the lavender shade that makes me feel like I am going to sleep in a bed of flowers. Choose from a variety of colors that will make you look forward to going to bed.

If you really need complete darkness to sleep, try these sleep masks by Drowsy. These sleep masks are a game changer, with no straps, just a wraparound closure that really helps block every bit of light that can interfere with your sleep. This sleep mask is the only one that helps me to fall asleep because it keeps out every bit of light. It also has an amazing light padding that feels like a cloud around my face. 


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