Deck Your Doors Without Damage

I wish I had discovered ZipnHang sooner. This door hook hanger is exactly what I needed to hang a wreath on my door without causing damage; hanging stuff has never been easier. All I have to do is press a button on the side of ZipnHang to eject adaptable translucent lines until I have the exact length required to place the lines across my door’s corners. I then strategically adjust ZipnHang before hanging my wreath on one of the hooks included with my purchase.

You can even use ZipnHang on the back of a door to hang clothes without having to resort to using a door hanger that leaves scratches or causes other types of damage.

The only drawback to using ZipnHang is the visibility of the white disc in which the lines are anchored. No worries. There’s a ZipnHang Any Season Kit featuring 16 themed seasonal covers you can place over ZipnHang’s white cover. You can even use the seasonal designs to decorate your door on their own or mix them together with other decorations. Find it here.


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