Delilah Home: Sustainable & Luxurious Products for an At-Home Spa Experience

Delilah Home is thoroughly devoted to sustainable living with their ultra-soft, organic towels and sheets in cotton or hemp to render your everyday routines as luxurious and pampering. You don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never tried a Delilah Home towel or slept on their 100% organic cotton or hemp bedsheets. Towels (kitchen, bath, and poolside) are cushiony soft and downright plush. Their products are certified vegan and organic by multiple associations, including an excellent rating by Trustpilot. One thing we’ve all learned from the pandemic around the globe is that your home as a base needs to be a place to relax and heal, starting with our beds, our baths, our kitchens, and our comforts. Our homes and products within them should be chemical-free and as pure as possible.

Bedsheets Extraordinaire
Be amazed by the luxurious softness of Delilah Home’s organic cotton, 300-count bedsheets that come in three elegant colors (white, light gray, sand). This brand fuses comfort and quality with responsibility so you can truly relax — created from 100% organic cotton, certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and completely chemical free, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you’ve invested in the right brand. Winner of the 2021 Good Housekeeping Best Organic Cotton Sheets Award.

Bath Towels That Are A Cut Above
Showers will be rendered out-of-ordinary and as an at-home spa experience when you wrap yourself in the soft plushness of Delilah Home bath towels. Their European-crafted, 100% organic cotton towels are sheer bliss, due to long-staple, 100% Turkish cotton spun into fine yarns and then loomed into long, 2-ply, double loops that result in a lush, fluffy pile. Turkish cotton is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so you can wrap yourself in clean luxury. Available in white, ivory, natural, mineral green or light grey, and in various sizes: face, hand, bath sheet, bath towels, a 3-piece set or a 6-piece set.

Beach and Pool Towels That Set the Gold Standard
Kiawah Beach Towels and Delilah Home’s pool towels enable you to wrap yourself in luxury for a spa-like vibe on your staycations and vacations. Lush and generously sized, they’re also highly absorbent and lovely. You’ll feel like your home is your own personal 5-star resort when you step out of the pool; thick and soft, plush and lightweight, absorbent and fluffy, these are the veritable gold standard of towels. Turkish cotton that is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seals the deal, so you can just add water. Their kitchen towels are equally laudable for adding clean elegance to your abode.

Delilah Is A Beloved Dog
The one-year old puppy of founder Michael Twer, Delilah, was lost in the North Carolina mountains for more than 62 days, so Twer’s local community came together to find Delilah and to bring her safely home. The company was founded on this inspiring and selfless spirit of survival, sustainability, and the successful impact of community working together. For Twer, this translated to caring about the environment and the various communities it serves, and a commitment to the Organic Trade Association as the organization’s chairperson to forge a new, improved type of home goods company.

Other Delilah Home products to look out for: chemical free, soft Essential Masks and plush, clean Pet Beds.

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