Designer Pamella Roland Launches New Timeless Fragrance

It’s not often you stumble upon a perfume with a scent that is as amazing as the packaging it comes in, but fashion designer Pamella Roland’s new fragrance of the same name is an exception. The stunning oval glass bottle has a delicate purple rose perched on top, perfectly matching the fragrance’s rose accents.

pamella roland

Pamella Roland

Inspired by her family’s Michigan rose garden, passed down from generations, Pamella and her two daughters worked for months to create a signature fragrance that represented the characteristics of a Pamella Roland woman, glamour, sophistication, and confidence.

I spray pamella roland on my wrists, neck, and hair before I leave the house, and the subtle but memorable scent lingers pleasantly throughout the day.

Order your own pamella roland fragrance for $165 online HERE.

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