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Darkstar: The Strappy One Piece

Baked and brown from the sun, my days in Mexico were spent as a beach bum. Hopping from shore to shore with sandy flip flops in tow, I lived in my Darkstar: The Strappy One Piece from Dos Gardenias. This flattering one piece hugged all my curves and still was ultra flattering even when I was eating alllllll the tacos. The material is so soft – allowing me to ride the waves with ease as I attempted to learn to surf. Brighdie Grounds and Dorothy Day created Dos Gardenias for the empowerment of women who love the adventure of life and who will never compromise comfort or style, thankfully Dos Gardenias does both. The brand gives back to charities like Waves For Water, Charity: Water, Glam4Good, Earth Day Network, and Love The Sea. Each time you swim with a Dos Gardenias suit, you’re contributing to a better world, a win-win.

Scrubba Wash Bag Untouched
Now, eventually I had to wear clothes (boo) and required washing them. Listen, I only packed a carry on okay. Introducing, Scrubba Wash Bag Untouched, a portable washing machine saved my clothes and wallet. Created by travel expert, Ash Newland, when on a trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro (on the bucket list), he came up with Scrubba. To limit the carbon footprint of travelers so we can have a cleaner and beautiful time on this planet we call home. To use, I simply filled up some warm water and soap into the Scrubba, released the excess air, and started scrubbing for about 3 minutes. Afterwards I dumped out the dirty water and refilled with fresh water. Adding my clothes back in and shaking up the bag like my sweetgreen salad. Shake shake shake and voilà: clean clothes. I hung it over the balcony and packed up my Scrubba. The Untouched version is made without any coloring or dyes in their nylon fabric, so much better for mother nature and the waterways. It’s virtually nonexistent in weight, only 5.3 oz (that’s a little more than a travel sized body lotion). Scrubba donates a portion of their proceeds to fund water projects around the world, like in Ethiopia and Bangladesh, making for a brighter future for all who venture on the wild side.


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