Dreamiest Gifts for Night Owls

Nighttime is when the world heads to bed, but for some it’s filled with restless minds and late night snacking. Here’s the gift guide for our loved ones who can’t seem to stay asleep — or those who can’t get enough of it:

Coop Original Body Pillow — For the cuddle sleepers…

Coop has the solution with the Original Body Pillow. Its plush, soft, yet supportive mixture of memory-foam and microfiber fill make it easy to get cozy, whether it’s movie night or lights out. When it arrived at my doorstep, I took it out of the vacuumed sealed bag; it inflated after ten minutes though I left it on my couch for an hour to achieve full volume. Afterwards I adjusted the filling to my taste (I enjoy a looser stuff). The 20” x 54” size is about as tall as me (I’m five foot), making it ideal for all bodies, plus its hypoallergenic formulation makes it great for sensitive skin. I’ve been testing it out for the past month and have been able to bend it with ease. If you know anyone who’s obsessed with cuddling at night but hates the body heat, get them the Original Body Pillow. They’ll be sure to think of you each time they hit the hay.

For the side (and back) sleepers…

Omnia pillow

Omnia pillow by Sleep & Glow is the answer. Its revolutionary design helps to combat sleep wrinkles. What are sleep wrinkles, you ask? Well every time you slip into slumber, your face is squished against your pillow, leaving creases and causing wrinkles when you wake up. The Omnia pillow was created to help align your back while sleeping and anatomical design helps to promote a deeper sleep. They even have an expert board of skin doctors who vouch for the effectiveness of the pillow. I thought it would be complicated to use as I pulled out the pillow from the box. I read the directions (the first time I ever had to do that for a pillow…) and started my first night. It was different as I laid down and tried to relax. I ended up rolling onto my side and drifting off, though they suggest sleeping on your back for the best results. After night four, I finally got the hang of it as I started laying on my back. After two weeks I noticed that my back was less tight, and my face appeared less bloated in the morning. Maybe it’s the glasses of water I’m drinking before bed, but I think the Omnia pillow has changed the way I slumber. A perfect gift for the beauty-obsessed person in your life or the bestie who’s always complaining her back is hurting. They offer a discount code that is good until Mother’s Day (beautynews13), which is perfect if you’re looking for a gift for your mama!

For the comfort Queens and Kings (size beds)…

There’s nothing like Baloo (I’ve tried their weighted blanket and fell in L-O-V-E) so when I heard about their cute booties and soft eye masks, I had to report back to you, dear reader.

Cloud Bootie

Sometimes walking around in socks just isn’t cutting it and barefoot is a major no-no. Slippers fall off and then I’m just annoyed while walking around the house. Baloo’s Cloud Bootie has changed the game and made shuffling around from bed to bathroom, to kitchen, and back to bed a breeze. The grippy soles keep me from sliding on the hardwood floors and the cotton keeps my feet warm but not clammy. It comes in gray or black, perfect for the couple or roommate pair in your life. I love how I can flip the top down for a folded-over look, or upright for a space boot moment. Gift this to the couch potato in your life or remote worker — they’ll feel so cozy in their Cloud Bootie.

Sleep Stone Mask

Street lights keep you up at night, and honking cars making it impossible to catch the zzz’s? Sleep Stone Mask renders bedtime more tolerable (even if you don’t have blackout curtains). This mulberry silk mask is so cushion-y… like a pillow for your eyelids; plus the straps are noise canceling, which is essential for any sensitive sleepers. The real star of the show though is the pouch for crystals. They have a four-pack variety or you can choose one up individually. I chose the Purple Fluorite for intuition, clarity, and immunity. My first night using it I did have a vivid dream, so maybe it worked its magic! In terms of immunity, my quality of sleep has been fabulous with this mask so Baloo. This mask is easy to travel with and looks so nice on my nightstand with my candle and journal setup. Gift it to the person who loves crystals; they won’t be able to stop thanking you once their dreams (and sleep) are out of this world.


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