Drinking with Amethyst

It’s Earth month and to honor our mother, drink more water. Use glass straws. Admire crystals. Glacce’s owners Sharon Leslie and Julia Schoen do just that. These co-owners and besties since childhood make it their mission to bring crystal healing to the mainstream through their luxe crystal bottles and straws, and thus Glacce was born. They have an assortment of quartz crystals, such as rose and smokey quartz, that channel different energies and benefits.

I’ve had the privilege of testing this out for myself with the Amethyst bottle. Vibrant violet is the amethyst crystal that invokes calm, intuition, creativity, and sobriety to the wearer. Over the course of this week I’ve been filling my Amethyst bottle with water overnight, leaving it to bathe in moonlight, and then drinking it in the morning. I’ve noticed a mindful presence as I take each sip, the crystal sparkling back at me, encouraging me to keep drinking. I fill my bottle up throughout the day as I run to the store, gym, and to the park with my dogs. The bottle comes with a protective sleeve and a cap with a handle for convenient travel while soaking up the magical water.

Seeking a mystical straw? Try Glacce’s Amethyst straw with a long glass straw and a ridge for the amethyst to sparkle and shine. I use the straw in conjunction with my massive cups of ACV-and-lemon water before lunch, making it easier to drink down the elixir while channeling my inner bliss.

Glacce is bringing wellness to the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. I’m so excited to see what they conjure up next with these gorgeous crystals!

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