DryZzz Pillowcase: Go to Sleep with Wet Hair

Showering at night just became easier. If you favor a night shower, you know how uncomfortable it can be to fall asleep with wet hair. Now you can wake up to dry hair and a dry pillow, thanks to DryZzz. Founders and sisters Linda Schwitalla Villena and Susan Schwitalla Culmo created DryZzz when Linda’s daughter needed an idea for a school project that would solve everyday problems. As Linda was going to bed after a shower, she had the idea of a dual-sided towel and pillowcase that would remedy the problems of going to bed with wet hair. And that is how DryZzz was born.

The pillowcases look like any regular cover, only they are double-sided. One side is a regular pillowcase and the other side is made with a microfiber towel that absorbs the moisture so you can sleep with wet hair. The patented pillowcase has a layer of waterproof liner underneath to keep your pillow dry as well.

DryZzz is also beneficial if you have night sweats, hot flashes, like to use leave in hair treatments, or tend to drool while you sleep. You will also save time in the morning not drying your hair, which protects your hair from heat damage, by using the DryZzz pillowcase instead. All pillowcases are machine washable and dryer safe. Not only will the DryZzz pillowcase make your life easier but a portion of the proceeds go to Sofia’s Hope, a non-profit corporation that funds research related to pediatric cancer and cardiac damage caused by chemotherapy. Find it at: https://www.dryzzz.com/


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